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Improvements at the Mystery Cafe

We have been at out new home of the Library Restaurant & Pub for 21 months now. There have been pluses and minuses in the new location. I liked to go over a few. One is the plus and a minus at the same time. We are no longer downtown. There were several cases where…
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The Mystery Cafe’s Location?

What happened to the Mystery Cafe The Ibj reports the milano inn will close My name is Saint, Nick Saint, I am a private eye, investigator. I had been reading an article on IBJ about the Milano Inn Closing. In the comment section, someone named Hope Baugh wrote: “I wonder what will happen to the…
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Library Restaurant & Pub

I was watching Big Bang Theory, Penny wanted Leonard to plan a more exciting evening then sitting around the apartment watching TV. I believe the Mystery Café provides that exciting evening. All the makings of a perfect evening. Dinner, at a Five Star Restaurant called the Library Restaurant & Pub. Here is a 5 *…
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