Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theater


What we provide is a fun experience for your family, friends, date or team. How we do that is with a Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theater       

That has Audience Participation 

(volunteers stand up in the Murder Mystery and read their cue card we provide) 

Stand up and read your cue card.


That has laughs

(It is comedy. Not a serious CSI adventure)
Death by Sharks

Our audience member, playing the victim in our story, dies by falling into a pool of sharks. The comedy here is, it was a small kids wading pool full of one big stuffed shark and smaller plush fish.

That has Dinner

(Courses served in-between each act)

I believe that is the Maple Bourbon Pork Chop he is having for dinner.

  • Penne Pasta Primavera
  • Chicken Normady
  • Baked Walley
  • Maple Bourbon Pork Chop
  • Ribeye

That has Murder

(Then it becomes a game as you try to figure out Whodunnit. You just might find out it was you!)
Murder scene

Some of our guests really ham up there death scene.


We are having a show on October 10th. We have to do the Social Distancing by spacing everybody out. Masks will be required. I am hoping we can be at 50% capacity. Not sure what the rule is at this time, or what it will be by the time October roles around. 
Who is ready to party?

We can do a private show for you. If you have a location we can come to you to do the show. 

The last show we did, before everything closed down, was a private show. A gentleman had us out to a location of his choosing for his wife’s surprise Birthday party.  

Don’t have a location? Then we can find a location for the show.

Zoom show. Yes, we can do a show for you on Zoom. A group from Vincenness, Indiana had schedule a trip to us in May to have a private show. Then the Virus thingy hit and the trip was cancelled. The show wasn’t though. We did it for them on Zoom and we can do it for you too. 

Call 317 684-0668 to schedule your fun! Or Email me at

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Call 317 684-0668 or buy your tickets at this website.

The shows are spoofs off of culture.

Show for the year 2020:

Death in the Roaring Twenties

In the year 2020, Madison Grace Connor is your average high school student.  She has a YouTube channel, she’s on Instagram, and she TikToks!  She has to do a big report on the 1920s.  So she does what any 21st Century teen would do – uses a time traveling app to zap herself back 100 years!  She’s now a first-hand witness to prohibition, flappers, gangsters, and…murder?  Uh-oh!  Her 2020 presence in 1920 has altered history!  Can she fix the past and find a killer before her phone battery dies?  Find out by booking your ticket to see “Death in the Roaring Twenties” at the Mystery Cafe of Indianapolis!   

Has your company decided on your Entertainment at your next event.

May we help you with that?

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Volunteers play minor characters in the spoof!

Read from a cue card.

Kids participate in Family Friendly Fune

In our Family Friendly show we love to have kids play too.


Interactive Murder Mystery

Amaze your co-workers with your acting talent.



Ask what the Optional Fun Dress is, or wear the costume piece we provide.

Volunteers playing their part.

Family Friendly

Kids Welcomed

Audience Participation

All ages can play.

Kids welcomed

The little guy reads his part while his family watches.


Role Playing Theater

The young lady reads her lines while the actress listens in.

Fun Volunteers

Audience participation is easy.

It is fun to stand and read your lines.

Props too

This young lady shows off her cue card and the prop she got to use as part of her fabulous performance.

The Lab coat.

There are costumes to wear if your character calls for it.

Interact with the performers in the Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner.

The Actors

Jennifer and Justin as Wont and Mikhail in Murder And Stranger Things


Jennifer Elliott

Jennifer as Joyful in Murder And Stranger Things


Justin Estes

Justin Estes as Sheriff Hooper

The Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner takes place at the Library Restaurant & Pub.

2610 Lynhurst Drive

The Library Restuarant & Pub

This is where the Mystery Café performs at. An upscale restaurant that provides the delicious food and the incredible location to have our fun shows in.

Free Parking

The Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theater has volunteers out of the audience play minor characters with actual speaking parts. Just stand up at your table and read your lines from the cue cards provided by the Mystery Cafe. The murder is a comedy designed with fun in mind. Professional actors play major characters in the story and help you to be funny. It is Dinner Theater as a course of the dinner is served in between each act by the Library Restaurant. The Murder Mystery takes place in one of the Restaurants banquet rooms. You have a choice of 4 different entrees with an opportunity to get the Prime ticket which includes the Ribeye. The Library Restaurant, “we know our cow,” is a fine casual dining experience.


Great entertainment ~ We enjoyed it very much and the food was delicious!  Thank you all!

Jan Worth and Friends!

Thank you soo much, we had a really good time.Have a GREAT day!!

Joe Vrska

Hi Joe,

We truly enjoyed ourselves Saturday night and will plan to attend again soon!

Appreciate you allowing us to attend Saturday night. It was my daughter’s birthday and it made for a fun evening.


Martha Huber

See how it is done on YouTube

Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theater

Forget the date, bring an alibi.

For a Comical Detailed Report click below.

Secret File