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What They Are Saying

Great entertainment ~ We enjoyed it very much and the food was delicious! Thank you all!


Jan Worth and friends

Thank you soo much, we had a really good time.Have a GREAT day!!


Joe Vrska

We truly enjoyed ourselves Saturday night and will plan to attend again soon! Appreciate you allowing us to attend Saturday night. It was my daughter’s birthday and it made for a fun evening.


Martha Huber

Went here on Saturday night with a friend. It was a thoroughly entertaining way to spend an evening. The show keeps you entertained the whole night, no matter what the size of your party. It’s silly, so not for those who take themselves too seriously. LOTS of audience participation, so if you’re not willing to “ham it up”, watch out. But, if you’re willing to get into it and be silly, it’s a ton of fun to get involved.


Lauren M., Chicago IL

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Welcome esteemed guests to the one-of-a-kind 13th Annual Rich Wives-Con!  Your hosts, the renowned Andy Known and the illustrious Countess Lulu are overjoyed to have each one of you as we come together to honor the reality show 'Rich Wives'!

However, this year, a mysterious twist looms over the festivities.  A Rich Wife, being celebrated for her role in the show, meets a tragic end.  This is not just any tragedy, it's a murder mystery that you, our esteemed guests, will have the opportunity to solve. The answer lies within the event itself!

Our talented Playwright, John, has ingeniously merged Reality TV and live theater. As a former clown, I've had a blast collaborating with Zane and Petra, who have been game for the gags I've infused into the show. They've even contributed some of their own, making the Murder Mystery a truly interactive and enjoyable experience. Are you ready to be a part of the show and have a great time?

Mystery Cafe is Indianapolis's longest-running and most successful Interactive Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theater. Founded in the fall of 1992, it has delivered a unique dinner theater style. 

Our stories are about a fictitious group having a get-together when murder interrupts their proceedings. You, the audience, are written into the story as this fictitious group.

Each play unfolds in four acts, with a course of the meal served after each one. Members of the audience participate as much or as little as they like. 

Fifteen to twenty guests will play minor characters in the story with actual speaking lines. Just stand up at your dinner table and read your lines. It takes about 90 seconds to 120, depending on how into it you want to get. 

Every performance is unique because the audience is so directly involved. The magic lies in the interaction and unbridled creativity that occur in a room full of people who begin the evening as strangers but go home as friends. 

Tickets to fun in Indianapolis
Ding Ding, Come and Get it!

Ding Ding, Come and Get it!

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With your purchase, you get an excellent dinner prepared and served by the Library Restaurant & Pub. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have special dietary needs. The Library Chef is ready to assist you. 

After the first part of the show, known as 'Act I, 'you will receive your choice of the soup of the day or salad plus bread. 

After Act II, indulge in a culinary adventure with your choice between these mouthwatering entrees. 

Penne Pasta Primavera – Spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and tomato relish sautéed with basil pesto, olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese, and penne pasta.

Chicken Marsala – Lightly breaded chicken breasts smothered in our house-made Marsala mushroom wine sauce, topped with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, and served with rice pilaf.

Maple Bourbon Pork Chop: This thick, bone-in chop is brushed with a house-made maple bourbon glaze and served with a baked potato.

Baked Walleye: A Flakey walleye filet is baked with seasoned bread crumbs and drizzled with a lemon Chablis butter sauce. It is served with rice pilaf.

The Library Restaurant's specialty is steak, so you have to have that as a choice! Ribeye: Twelve ounces of beautifully marbled steak served with a baked potato.

After Act III, a delectable plate of cheesecake comes out as you prepare your guess at 'Who Dunnit, a thrilling interactive game where you get to solve a mystery. Hmm, boy! 

With your ticket, you're not just a spectator. You're part of the show, the game, and the interaction with the rest of the audience. Get ready for the antics of our funny performers.

The drinks with the ticket are coffee, tea, or soft drinks with free refills.

Your gratuity for your server is taken care of as part of the ticket price. 

Some things are outside your ticket.

Extra are bar drinks, including wines, beers, cocktails, and a gratuity for your server’s drink service. The Library Restaurant has a full bar to serve you.

We've opened the room at 5:30 pm so you can arrive and enjoy some appetizers. They're also extra.

You will get a separate bill for the bar and appetizers at the end of the evening. 

Don't eat another frozen dinner at home! Do not have another meal of frozen peas, carrots, little cubes of sauce, and maybe chicken, or is that beef? Please come for a real dinner prepared by a chef instead of you. 

If you need more convincing that the dinner is the best, you can search out The Library Restaurant & Pub and check them out. 



Just a fun-filled evening. We brought with us a very special young man who has been through a lot of difficult things in his home life. He was so excited to be there and I think it sparked an interest in him to get involved in drama at his high school. Thanks!


LuAnna B.

What They Are Saying

We came to Indy for the weekend to shop for prom dresses and learned that one of our favorite dinner and show venues was sold out for the evening. We quickly researched the Internet and found the Murder mystery cafe. We decided to give it a try and boy are we glad we did. We had 2 17-year-olds, their mom, aunt grandma and all five of us loved the performance. Food was excellent. Next time we want to each have a part. Great job actors and servers!


Cathy Macke

Had a wonderful time . Fun ..friendly ..good food. Actors terrific. Thanks Joe for your directions . Would definitly recommend for a great evening of laughter.


Peg Ferry

What an awesome evening with great family and friends. Dinner was delicious and the mystery theater was so much fun. Loved seeing families having a great time together. I think my favorite tonight was a little girl, maybe 10 played a part speaking Pig Latin.


Robin Gerth