Improvements at the Mystery Cafe

We have been at out new home of the Library Restaurant & Pub for 21 months now.

There have been pluses and minuses in the new location.

I liked to go over a few.

One is the plus and a minus at the same time. We are no longer downtown. There were several cases where something was going on downtown that made coming downtown something to decide to I want to deal with it or not.

Those questions are no longer valid. We are located west of town in a triangle of I-70 & 465 and Sam Jones Expressway. There is no events happening that I know of that should hinder your drive out there.

Just as before there is free parking. Let me tell you a horror story. One night during the Holiday season it took me a good hour to get out of the downtown because there was so much traffic. I heard a story where a guy left the parking garage. However, it took him an hour from his space to the ticket booth. He was being charged for that hour.  I do not believe you will find leaving or arriving to be a challenge.

The banquet room, upstairs, is brightly lit and very spacious. If during the act of the play you need to use the restroom, get up and go. You will not be blocking anybody’s view and you won’t feel like you must wait for the performer to move before re-taking your seat.

You have a choice between soup or salad. You have a choice between dressings too.

Side note: Anybody else ever hear your server say, “Soup or Salad” so fast that you thought they were asking you if you wanted the Super Salad. I turned to my friend once who looked at me for help and I said, “maybe the soup comes with a cape?”


When we first started working with the Library the dinner was just Chicken Normandy. You had to get up and leave the room for a cafeteria type set up to get your dinner. Now we have plated dinners for you. You have a choice of 4 dinners:

Penne Pasta Primavera – Spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and tomato relish sautéed with basil pesto, olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese, and penne pasta  

Chicken Normandy – Sautéed chicken breasts with mushrooms and sliced Granny Smith apples in a brandy cream sauce.  Served with rice pilaf  

Maple Bourbon Pork Chop – Thick cut, bone in chop brushed with a house made maple bourbon glaze.  Served with a baked potato  

Baked Walleye – Flakey walleye filet baked with seasoned bread crumbs and drizzled with a lemon Chablis butter sauce.  Served with rice pilaf  

Wait there is more. There is a 5th choice. The Library Restaurant is a casual but fine dining steakhouse.  So, I couldn’t do a show there without giving you the choice of having a steak.

Ribeye – Twelve ounces of beautifully marbled steak.  Served with a baked potato.

I believe we upgraded the menu. Come experience the meal and see if I’m right.

The desert is cheesecake.

I forgot to mention. We open the room up a half hour before everything begins so you can arrive early and have drinks and appetizers before we start. A perfect time for you to Socialize with your friends and family before we start.

Going back to the space of the banquet room upstairs. You will never feel like you are crowded, practically sitting on the other guest’s lap.

You pay for the show, dinner, coffee, tea, soft drinks and gratuity all together now. No more trying to figure out how much to tip or whether you brought any cash.

The stairs leading up is out in the main hallway. No longer will you feel like you are crossing a crowded dining room to get upstairs.

The last improvement is more for me than it is for you. The Library Restaurant is not haunted. I haven’t seen a ghost in the last 21 months. Of course we keep murdering each other during show maybe we will start seeing ghost there.

The next blog entry will be the ghost stories.

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