Mystery Cafe is a Party


Well just think about it. What does a party need? It needs good food. Let's say you want to go out for the evening. What do you do? One of you must select the restaurant and make the reservations. Mystery Cafe has taken care of that for you. We have a standing reservation at the Library Restaurant and Pub. They give us a banquet room every Saturday night. There will be a server who has the room all prepped and ready for you. The kitchen is informed how many to expect. The bar is set and the bar tender is ready to go. All of this is taken care of for you by the Mystery Cafe. We get there an hour before you do to insure that everything is set and ready to go. Is there any of your friends willing to do that for you? Do you want to do that?


Just imagine now if you wanted to do all this at your house. Are you prepared to clean your house in anticipation of people occupying the space with you for the evening? Better question is, which is rougher on you, the clean up before or the clean up after? Now comes the food, where you will have to do the purchasing, cooking and serving. Are you really set up to do all that. I know sometimes you can just hire a caterer to do that. You can hire a cleaning staff to come in too. Why would you though? The Mystery Cafe takes care of that for you.


You know what bothers me? To go to a friends house for a party, where do I park? In front of the house, down the street and whose neighbor of yours am I bothering? Maybe you have never come home from work to see cars all lined up down the street because some neighbor of yours is throwing a party. You have never parked down the street and walked back to your own house. What I am trying to say here is the Library Restaurant & Pub has its own free parking lot.

By choosing to party at the Mystery Cafe you have chosen someone to take care of the reservations, prepared the staff to expect you and taken care of the parking problem.

Next blog I'll discuss the next aspect of a good party, the party game.

Joe Strange

The Man in the Hat.

The Producer of The Mystery Cafe of Indianapolis

Producer Joe Strange

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