Library Restaurant & Pub

I was watching Big Bang Theory, Penny wanted Leonard to plan a more exciting evening then sitting around the apartment watching TV.
I believe the Mystery Café provides that exciting evening. All the makings of a perfect evening. Dinner, at a Five Star Restaurant called the Library Restaurant & Pub. Here is a 5 * review on Google

"Surprisingly beautiful establishment. Excellent food and great service!" 2007DNT

A business advisor said I need to put some testimonials that the restaurant received on the Mystery
Café site to let folks know that is where they will be dining while solving the mystery. When I read that the Milano Inn would close at the end of the year I was in contact with Ajna the General Manager. I had met her through a marketing group that met at the Library Restaurant. We had even done a show there before a couple of times so it was no problem to move out there.

The banquet room is upstairs. The room is well lit and works well for doing the show. We asks people to read so having a well lit room adds to the enjoyment. A darker room would work if we were doing drama but we do comedy so a well lit room is what we need.

I am happy with the decision to move to the Library Restaurant & Pub.

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