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Just a fun-filled evening. We brought with us a very special young man who has been through a lot of difficult things in his home life. He was so excited to be there and I think it sparked an interest in him to get involved in drama at his high school. Thanks!
– LuAnna B.

Here are photos from our shows!

Hercules Poirot and the Constable
Empty awards in the show “And the Winner is Murder.”
The actor watches on as the audience member plays her part.
Audience member playing his part
Audience member pretending to talk to the actors character by phone
Playing the part of the chaueffer
This Audience member used his role of silverware as a pretend microphone
This was our victim.
Audience member getting into her part
All you have to do is stand up and read your lines.
Audience member reading his lines.
A Super Sleuth and a Hammy winner.
Notice her friends are capturing her performance on their phones.
The actress on the left and the Audience member playing her part on the right.
Stand up right there at your dinner theater and read your lines.
Big group participation.
The actors greet the audience.
An audience member talking to the actress.
The murder will not stop the evening, Keep going.
What drama?
No, the glass is poison.
Too late he drank it.
I didn’t do it.
Joe here sees all our shows.
Proud mother off to the left taking pictures of her son playing a part.
J Star
Hollywood Starlet
The Chauffeur.
This is Nacho Business.
Perform with the actor.
Standing right there with the actor playing her part.
There is a big group song. But you can always Milli Vanilli it.
She really got into her part. Difficult to take a picture as she never stood still.
Winners from the 2/17/18 show at the Library Restaurant
Private Murder Mystery Party for Corporate Events.
Winners for Allergan/Turkle & Assoociates private show
Interactive Murder Mystery
Baby Face Half Nelson is interrogated
Interactive Murder Mystery
Baby Face Half Nelson confesses
Win fun prizes at the Mystery Cafe.
Bethany Brown wins the Super Sleuth and Terry Maurer wins the Hammy.
Funny entertainers at the Mystery Cafe.
Detective McCarrot and Det. Tann-O of the Hawaii 5 Uh Oh
Fun Prizes add to the fun at the Mystery Cafe.
Super Sleuth and Hammy winner
Prizes for our winners
Super Slueth and Hammy winner
family friendly
Family friendly shows where kids are welcomed.
family friendly
Bransen as Baby Face Half Nelson tries to confess.
Murder Mystery "whodunnit"
Terry plays his death scence for all he could. There by winning the Hammy for the night.
Actor for Mystery Cafe an audience volunteer.
Tann-O and Movie Star Tilda Swindler
win prizes at the murder mystery comedy dinner theater
Jamymee wins the Hammy and Gerry wins the Super Sleuth.
comedic performers
Thom and Tony as Hawaii 5 Uh Oh
audience participation
Jerry hangs 10 as the stunt double
solve the mystery
Science solves the mystery.
audience member dies
Dylan gives a great performance as our murder victim.
artist sketch
An artist sketch of our killer
Hercules Po-Lo with the Green Grimch
Hercules Po-Lo with the Ghost of Christmas Present
Hercules Po-Lo with the Countess
Murder on the Polar Express
The Conductor and Gladys, the Head of Elf on the Shelf’s , pose with the winners at a Holiday show.
Hercules Po-Lo and Constable Tinsel

Went here on Saturday night with a friend.  It was a thoroughly entertaining way to spend an evening. The show keeps you entertained the whole night, no matter what the size of your party.  It’s silly, so not for those who take themselves too seriously.  LOTS of audience participation, so if you’re not willing to “ham it up”, watch out.  But, if you’re willing to get into it and be silly, it’s a ton of fun to get involved.
– Lauren M., Chicago IL

Here are photos from our previous shows!

On August 29th our Hammy was Raegan Towne and our Super Sleuth was Kristin Heidenreich.
Our Super Sleuth on August 15th was Kelly Bryant and the Hammy was Megan Scrock.
On Saturday August 8th Ian Whitehead was our Hammy winner and Marlon Roberson claimed the Super Sleuth Award.
Guest at the Murder Mystery Cafe’s Fun Show
Sean Voda is our Super Sleuth and Tolly Arthur is the Hammy
Kate Snyder wins the Super Sleuth and Ryan Schmitt is our Hammy
Pam Coburn is the Hammy winner and Mark Roeleau is the Super Sleuth winner
Bre Uzzell claimed the hammy and Kaitlin Sulkowski grabbed the Super Sleuth. They were both here on a High School trip form Missouri.
Rebecca Olsen won the Super Sleuth award and Jackie Trivino won the Hammy.
Courtney Carma Miller was our Hammy and Teresa Lewis our Super Sleuth the night In the Loop TV show filmed a segment on the Mystery Café.
Samantha Davis wins the Super Sleuth and Gary Bryant wins the Hammy
Allied Solutions has a private showing of Good Morning Murder.
Ebon and Tony won the award at our private show for Safeco Insurance.
Jack Koester was our Super Sleuth and Kristina Anderson our Hammy.
Dorothy Scott wins the Hammy while Brad Bernhardt won the Super Sleuth.
Anthony Rizzo wins our Hammy and Jennifer Turner claims our Super Sleuth at Good Morning Murder
Here are the winners at the show we did for USIC. Add murder to your next company gathering.
Our performers Dane Rogers and Sarah Hofman pose with our winners Calvin Emberton and Jim Miller
Lily Schwab and Cheri Herschell won at the murder mystery Good Morning Murder.
The Blue Horseshoe Holiday Party
The Brickman Group has a murder mystery for their Holiday Party.
The Holiday party for Internal Medical Nephrology.
All the volunteers at the first public showing of Have a Holly Jolly Murder.
This is all the volunteers that had fun at the Wellpoint- Anthem Holiday party.
Elyse McCulla won our Super Sleuth and Louie was our Hammy.
Bronze Medal Murder opened up on June 14th. This is a group shot of all the audience volunteers with our actors.
On June 24th we traveled to Chateau Thomas winery for a private show.
Juli Inskeep as Hemlock Stones, Thomas Turner as Dr Snotson and all the audience volunteers at the June 28th show.
Rusty Elliot was our Hammy and Sue Elliot won our Super Sleuth.
Here we have Larra Ray as our Super Slueth and Tom Johnson as our Ham
Melissa Taylor is the Ham for the night and Libby Unruh our Super Sleuth
Our Ham with his portrayal of Charlie Brown was Douglas Delee and our Super Sleuth is Lisa Lewchanin
Emillie Balaguer wins our Hammy and Rebecca Wagner was our Super Sleuth
Patricia Tyler wins our Hammy while Tony Rivera took home the Super Sleuth award.
April 16th we had Christopher Parrish win the Hammy and Alicia Smith the Super Sleuth award.
Fun Things To Do
Hemlock Stones and Snotson
Family friendly Murder Mystery Party.
Even kids play with the Mystery Cafe
Fun to play a part.
Junie Boo Hoo from Whoville thinks the Grinch is the killer
Be an actor for a night.
Don says I can act too.
Interactive Murder Mystery
That’s right you can get right into the actors face with your part.
Now at the Library Restaurant.
Performing at the Library Restaurant
Play with us.
We love it when audience members really get into their part.
Get into your part as much as your comfortable with.
Happy is not Happy
Have fun with your friends.
I gave him a funny hat to wear.
Win Prizes.
Liz wins the Super Sleuth and Rick wins his third Hammy. Jack whom played a part is only 8 years old.
The winners at the Private show for Marion College.
April Reetz wins the Super Sleuth and Lillian Caruthers wins our Hammy.
Lousie Baughman wins the Super Sleuth and Antonio Brown wins the Hammy
We gave the Super Sleuth to Lincoln HS FFA and the Hammy went to Marshal HS FFA
Eugene HS FFA’s private show
Interactive, you have the chance to steal the show!
Amaze your friends by playing a character in the show.
Greg Blackburn wins the Hammy and Karen Thomas the Super Sleuth.
Cari Sheehan wins the Super Sleuth and Donald Duncan is our Hammy winner.
Linda Havenor wins the Hammy and Kori Jarchow wins the Super Sleuth award.
Charlene Denny wins the Super Sleuth and Jenni Landowski wins the Hammy.
Jake Poulter wins the Hammy and Shawn Farmer wins the Super Sleuth on opening night for Scandal and Murder in the House of Cards
Private show for Key Reality at The Hard Rock Cafe
Kyle Denny wins the Hammy and Sierra Hudson wins the Super Sleuth at the final performance of “Pirates of the Chattahoochee.”
There was no Sleuth so we recognized two Hammies, Mathew Moxley and Mark Spence.
Sierra Spungl wins the Super Sleuth and Don Florida wins the Hammy.
Freedom Mortgage Private show at the North Side Buca di Beppo
Ben Miller wins the Hammy and Richard Caudell wins the Super Sleuth.
Peyton Jones wins the Hammy and Randal Ward wins the Super Sleuth. Check out the photo bomb in the back ground.
Rusty Steele wins the Super Sleuth and Anne Teepe the Hammy.
Co-Alliance Energy & Agra Business Solutions Private show
Teressa Eastman wins the Super Sleuth and Sandra-Mae the Hammy
Jullian wins the Hammy and Will Dixon the Super Sleuth
Kaitlin Hines wins the Super Sleuth and Brad Carter wins the Hammy.
Brian Dixon wins the Hammy and Menzie Platz the Super Sleuth at Death By Disco
A very large show for Ivy Tech
Tour Group at Chateau Thomas Winery
Farm Bureau’s Christmas Party
Delta Faucet enjoyed a murder mystery with us. They came in costume to add to their fun.
The Allergen Group private show. They added to the fun by coming in costume.
Trenton Theising wins the Super Sleuth and Darren Holt is our Hammy
Quinn Robinson wins the Hammy and Suzanne Lappas the Super Sleuth
Adam Chambera wins the Hammy and Erin Huff the Super Sleuth
Dawn Pruim wins the hammy and Kristen Hidding wins the Super Sleuth
Ayla Walter wins the Super Sleuth and Todd Arthur wins the Hammy
Our winner claims his prize at Comic Com
Jason Goodwin wins the Hammy and Rigo Torres the Super Sleuth
Beth Rosa wins the Super Sleuth and Wade Overstreet claims the Hammy
Jonathan wins the Super Sleuth and Alex the Hammy.
Harley Rayne as the Super Sleuth and Barry Rager as the Hammy
Winners Jaden Barnes, Chris Janowak and David Pate
Winners at the Brown Soil Service Private show
March 26, 2016 winners John Hill and Barbara Wilson
March 25,2016 Winners Brian Carsey and Chris Charlton
Wendy Harpel won the Super Sleuth and Ryan Sullivan the Hammy.
Super Sleuth = Laura Davis Hammy = Ryan Olsen
Galaxy Guardians of the Avenged. Will you be a hero or a villain?
Private shows done for companies and groups. Bring your gang in for a caper.
Kids are allowed and encourage to participate. Make it a family night!
Then again it is also all right to get up and get in the performer’s face as you read your part. Go For the Laughs
Interactive Murder Mystery
All you have to do is stand and read your part