Nate Pruett and Gemma Rollison in Night With The Crown, The Princess and The Killer.
The audience member playing her character.
Death of an audience member
Nate's character checks in with an audience member's character.
It is easy and fun to play a part in the show.
Gemma as Wonder Woman questions a suspected audience character.
Wonder Woman questions another suspect.
Yes that is Nate over there. He plays 3 characters in the show.
Catwoman arrives to tell Wonder Woman she can't solve the mystery.
Sonic the Hedgehog offers Wonder Woman his help.
Come see why Sonic becomes upset with Wonder Woman.
Our Super Sleuth and the young man won best actor for his performance as Sonic. Can you win the Best Actor award at the Mystery Cafe. Your Hammy trophy awaits.
  • How To Almost Get Away With 50 Shades Of Murder

    All of our volunteer actors on Saturday the 29th of August for the show How To Almost Get Away With…

  • Ian and Marlon

    On Saturday August 8th Ian Whitehead was our Hammy winner and Marlon Roberson claimed the Super Sleuth Award.

  • Kelly and Megan

    Our Super Sleuth on August 15th was Kelly Bryant and the Hammy was Megan Scrock.

  • Raegan and Kristin

    On August 29th our Hammy was Raegan Towne and our Super Sleuth was Kristin Heidenreich.

  • Kate and Ryan

    Kate Snyder wins the Super Sleuth and Ryan Schmitt is our Hammy.

  • Sean and Arthur

    Sean Voda is our Super Sleuth and Tolly Arthur is the Hammy.

  • Allied Solutions

    Allied Solutions has a private showing of Good Morning Murder.

  • Pam and Mark

    Pam Coburn is the Hammy winner and Mark Roeleau is the Super Sleuth winner.

  • Bre and Kaitlin

    Bre Uzzell claimed the hammy and Kaitlin Sulkowski grabbed the Super Sleuth. They were both here on a High School…

  • Rebecca and Jackie

    Rebecca Olsen won the Super Sleuth award and Jackie Trivino won the Hammy.

  • Courney and Teresa

    Courtney Carma Miller was our Hammy and Teresa Lewis our Super Sleuth the night In the Loop TV show filmed…

  • Anthony and Jennifer

    Anthony Rizzo wins our Hammy and Jennifer Turner claims our Super Sleuth at Good Morning Murder

  • Dorothy and Brad

    Dorothy Scott wins the Hammy while Brad Bernhardt won the Super Sleuth.

  • Jack and Kristina

    Jack Koester was our Super Sleuth and Kristina Anderson our Hammy.

  • Ebon and Tony

    Ebon and Tony won the award at our private show for Safeco Insurance.