Nate Pruett and Gemma Rollison in Night With The Crown, The Princess and The Killer.
The audience member playing her character.
Death of an audience member
Nate's character checks in with an audience member's character.
It is easy and fun to play a part in the show.
Gemma as Wonder Woman questions a suspected audience character.
Wonder Woman questions another suspect.
Yes that is Nate over there. He plays 3 characters in the show.
Catwoman arrives to tell Wonder Woman she can't solve the mystery.
Sonic the Hedgehog offers Wonder Woman his help.
Come see why Sonic becomes upset with Wonder Woman.
Our Super Sleuth and the young man won best actor for his performance as Sonic. Can you win the Best Actor award at the Mystery Cafe. Your Hammy trophy awaits.
  • Lily and Cheri

    Lily Schwab and Cheri Herschell won at the murder mystery Good Morning Murder.

  • Calvin and Jim

    Our performers Dane Rogers and Sarah Hofman pose with our winners Calvin Emberton and Jim Miller.

  • USIC

    Here are the winners at the show we did for USIC.

  • Samantha and Gary

    Samantha Davis wins the Super Sleuth and Gary Bryant wins the Hammy.

  • Wellpoint-Anthem

    This is all the volunteers that had fun at the Wellpoint-Anthem Holiday party.

  • Holly Jolly Murder

    All the volunteers at the first public showing of Have a Holly Jolly Murder.

  • Internal Medical Nephrology

    The Holiday party for Internal Medical Nephrology.

  • Brickman Group

    The Brickman Group has a murder mystery for their Holiday Party.

  • Blue Horseshoe Holiday Party

    The Blue Horseshoe Holiday Party.

  • Elyse and Louie

    Elyse McCulla won our Super Sleuth and Louie was our Hammy.

  • Kentucky students

    This group of students came up from Kentucky to join in the fun.

  • Rusty and Sue

    Rusty Elliot was our Hammy and Sue Elliot won our Super Sleuth.

  • Hemlock Stones, Dr. Snotson, and volunteers

    Juli Inskeep as Hemlock Stones, Thomas Turner as Dr Snotson and all the audience volunteers at the June 28th show.

  • Bronze Medal Murder

    Bronze Medal Murder opened up on June 14th. This is a group shot of all the audience volunteers with our…

  • Larra and Tom

    Here we have Larra Ray as our Super Sleuth and Tom Johnson as our Ham.