• Lily and Cheri

    Lily Schwab and Cheri Herschell won at the murder mystery Good Morning Murder.

  • Calvin and Jim

    Our performers Dane Rogers and Sarah Hofman pose with our winners Calvin Emberton and Jim Miller.

  • USIC

    Here are the winners at the show we did for USIC.

  • Samantha and Gary

    Samantha Davis wins the Super Sleuth and Gary Bryant wins the Hammy.

  • Wellpoint-Anthem

    This is all the volunteers that had fun at the Wellpoint-Anthem Holiday party.

  • Holly Jolly Murder

    All the volunteers at the first public showing of Have a Holly Jolly Murder.

  • Internal Medical Nephrology

    The Holiday party for Internal Medical Nephrology.

  • Brickman Group

    The Brickman Group has a murder mystery for their Holiday Party.

  • Blue Horseshoe Holiday Party

    The Blue Horseshoe Holiday Party.

  • Elyse and Louie

    Elyse McCulla won our Super Sleuth and Louie was our Hammy.

  • Kentucky students

    This group of students came up from Kentucky to join in the fun.

  • Rusty and Sue

    Rusty Elliot was our Hammy and Sue Elliot won our Super Sleuth.

  • Hemlock Stones, Dr. Snotson, and volunteers

    Juli Inskeep as Hemlock Stones, Thomas Turner as Dr Snotson and all the audience volunteers at the June 28th show.

  • Bronze Medal Murder

    Bronze Medal Murder opened up on June 14th. This is a group shot of all the audience volunteers with our…

  • Larra and Tom

    Here we have Larra Ray as our Super Sleuth and Tom Johnson as our Ham.