Nate Pruett and Gemma Rollison in Night With The Crown, The Princess and The Killer.
The audience member playing her character.
Death of an audience member
Nate's character checks in with an audience member's character.
It is easy and fun to play a part in the show.
Gemma as Wonder Woman questions a suspected audience character.
Wonder Woman questions another suspect.
Yes that is Nate over there. He plays 3 characters in the show.
Catwoman arrives to tell Wonder Woman she can't solve the mystery.
Sonic the Hedgehog offers Wonder Woman his help.
Come see why Sonic becomes upset with Wonder Woman.
Our Super Sleuth and the young man won best actor for his performance as Sonic. Can you win the Best Actor award at the Mystery Cafe. Your Hammy trophy awaits.
  • Jaden, Chris, and David

    Winners Jaden Barnes, Chris Janowak and David Pate.

  • Harley and Barry

    Harley Rayne as the Super Sleuth and Barry Rager as the Hammy.

  • Jonathan and Alex

    Jonathan wins the Super Sleuth and Alex the Hammy.

  • Patricia and Tony

    Patricia Tyler wins our Hammy while Tony Rivera took home the Super Sleuth award.

  • Christopher and Alicia

    April 16th we had Christopher Parrish win the Hammy and Alicia Smith the Super Sleuth award.

  • Beth and Wade

    Beth Rosa wins the Super Sleuth and Wade Overstreet claims the Hammy.

  • Jason and Rigo

    Jason Goodwin wins the Hammy and Rigo Torres the Super Sleuth.

  • Laura and Ryan

    Super Sleuth = Laura Davis, Hammy = Ryan Olsen

  • Wendy and Ryan

    Wendy Harpel won the Super Sleuth and Ryan Sullivan the Hammy.

  • Brian and Chris

    March 25,2016 Winners Brian Carsey and Chris Charlton.

  • John and Barbara

    March 26, 2016 winners John Hill and Barbara Wilson

  • Audience member

    An audience member reading their lines.

  • Family night

    Kids are allowed and encourage to participate. Make it a family night!

  • Caper

    Private shows done for companies and groups. Bring your gang in for a caper.

  • Galaxy Guardians of the Avenged

    Galaxy Guardians of the Avenged. Will you be a hero or a villain?