Meet the clown and become a star in the show.
Bring your gang to celebrate a birthday or anniversary.
Win the Super Sleuth award or the Hammy.
Be dynamic and play your part with all the gusto you can!
Amaze your family and friends with your incredible performance.
We casted both his  mother and father to be both murder victims. He played along and posed for this very fun photo,

We casted both his mother and father to be both murder victims. He played along and posed for this very fun photo,

Mystery Cafe provides costumes and props for some characters you will play.
Are you interested in organizing a private show for your company or group? You might be surprised by the hidden talents of your co-workers! It could be a wonderful opportunity to bring your team together and have some fun. Let me know if you need any help with planning or organizing the event.
Your fellow audience members will love you for playing along with them. Playing along with your fellow audience members is a great way to connect with them and create a positive atmosphere. Not only does it show that you're engaged and enthusiastic, but it also encourages others to participate and enjoy the experience together. So don't be afraid to join the fun and make new friends!
  • Sierra and Don

    Sierra Spungl wins the Super Sleuth and Don Florida wins the Hammy.

  • Mathew and Mark

    There was no Sleuth so we recognized two Hammies, Mathew Moxley and Mark Spence.

  • Kyle Denny wins the Hammy and Sierra Hudson wins the Super Sleuth at the final performance of "Pirates of the…

  • Jullian and Will

    Jullian wins the Hammy and Will Dixon the Super Sleuth.

  • Teressa Eastman wins the Super Sleuth and Sandra-Mae the Hammy.

  • Co-Alliance

    Co-Alliance Energy & Agra Business Solutions Private show

  • Quinn and Suzanne

    Quinn Robinson wins the Hammy and Suzanne Lappas the Super Sleuth.

  • Trenton and Darren

    Trenton Theising wins the Super Sleuth and Darren Holt is our Hammy.

  • Brian and Menzie

    Brian Dixon wins the Hammy and Menzie Platz the Super Sleuth at Death By Disco.

  • Kaitlin and Brad

    Kaitlin Hines wins the Super Sleuth and Brad Carter wins the Hammy.

  • Comic Con

    Our winner claims his prize at Comic Con.

  • Ayla Walter wins the Super Sleuth and Todd Arthur wins the Hammy.

  • Dawn and Kristen

    Dawn Pruim wins the hammy and Kristen Hidding wins the Super Sleuth.

  • Adam Chambera wins the Hammy and Erin Huff the Super Sleuth.

  • Brown Soil Service

    Winners at the Brown Soil Service Private show.