• Be an investigator

    Be an investigator.

  • Enjoy time with the family

    Enjoy time with the family.

  • Be a Star

    Be a Star.

  • Interact with the actors

    Interact with the actors.

  • Be Dramatic

    Be Dramatic.

  • Be the victim

    Be the victim.

  • Kid Friendly

    Kid Friendly.

  • Even Mom can do it

    Even Mom can do it.

  • I’m innocent

    I'm innocent. I'm telling you.

  • The Chauffeur

    The Chauffeur.

  • Empty awards

    Empty awards in the show "And the Winner is Murder."

  • Getting into her part

    Audience member getting into her part.

  • Chauffeur

    Playing the part of the chauffeur.

  • Sleuth and Hammy

    A Super Sleuth and a Hammy winner.

  • The murder will not stop

    The murder will not stop the evening, Keep going.