Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner


What we provide is a fun night out for your family, friends or date. How we do that is with a Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner        

With Audience Participation 

(volunteers stand up in the Murder Mystery and read their cue card we provide) 



With laughs

(It is comedy. Not a serious CSI adventure)


With Dinner

(Courses served in-between each act)

Some of our volunteers really get into their death scene.



After the murder the actor’s character will question you to determine if you had a motive.


Our schedule

September  28

Oct 12 & 26

Nov 9 & 23


The shows are spoofs off of culture.

Current  show:

“Murder…And Stranger Things”

Holiday Show: Murder in Tinsel Town

May we be your choice of Holiday Entertainment at your Holiday party.

Volunteer play minor characters in the spoof!

Read from a cue card.

Pictures of audience playing their part.

Its Fun.

Have fun playing. Be a Ham. Be Silly.



This lady played her death scene up real well. The volunteer who turned out to be the murder. Was her daughter in-law. Isn’t that fun! Bottom- This lady is Hamming it up for all.

Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner

We love to have Birthday celebrators play a part.

Volunteers playing their part.

Family Friendly

Kids Welcomed

Murder Mystery

Top – Lady reading her lines Middle- We are family friendly and love to have the kids play. Is it fun? Come on look at the bottom picture. You can’t tell me that lady isn’t having a blast.

Comedy Dinner

Top- The lady is right there next to our performer Jennifer Estes. That makes her a performer to. Middle- lady modeling the costume we gave her for her part. I love the bottom picture. This says; “Look at me, I’m acting in a play.”

Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner

Thanks Harleyamers65

Fun Volunteers

Role Playing Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner

These guys were volunteers playing a part in the spoof Hawaii 5 Uh-Oh.

Fun in Indianapolis

This guy got to play Elvis. Another evidence it is fun. Look at the smile on this volunteers face.

Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner

The Spiel, as I call it.

Interact with the performers in the Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner.

Professional Actors

The Entertainers play the main characters in the show. They may play multiple characters. I believe the record is 9 characters in a Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner..


You may not be the type who laughs a lot. Then again maybe you are a laugh’er. Either way you’ll enjoy hearing others laughing. Bring you family, bring your friends,, your employees or a date and enjoy yourself listening to them laugh.

The Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner takes place at the Library Restaurant & Pub.

2610 Lynhurst Drive

The Library Restuarant & Pub

This is where the Mystery Café performs at. An upscale restaurant that provides the delicious food and the incredible location to have our fun shows in.

Free Parking

The Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theater has volunteers out of the audience play minor characters with actual speaking parts. Just stand up at your table and read your lines from the cue cards provided by the Mystery Cafe. The murder is a comedy designed with fun in mind. Professional actors play major characters in the story and help you to be funny. It is Dinner Theater as a course of the dinner is served in between each act by the Library Restaurant. The Murder Mystery takes place in one of the Restaurants banquet rooms. You have a choice of 4 different entrees with an opportunity to get the Prime ticket which includes the Ribeye. The Library Restaurant, “we know our cow,” is a fine casual dining experience.



Still not convinced. How about these guys, are they convincing?

See how it is done on YouTube

Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theater

Forget the date, bring an alibi.

For a Comical Detailed Report click below.

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