Welcome to The Mystery Cafe:
Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theatre

Mystery Café started this unique style of dinner theatre in 1990 in Boston. Since then we have entertained over a million people in 30 cities across the US, and we are beginning our 24th year here in Indy.

Each play unfolds in four acts, with a course of the meal served after each one. Members of the audience may participate as much, or as little, as they like in the mystery. Upon arrival, you’ll be met at the door by the evening’s characters, who will help you find your seats and your new identity.

We have 15-28 volunteers from the audience–YOU–be a part of the show by being a character. It’s not too intimidating, as we supply you with a cue card with your couple of lines to read during the play.  So all you have to do is stand up and read it. Of course we encourage you to get in to it and ham it up.

At evening’s end, we give a prize to the person who best solves the mystery called our ‘Super Slueth’. We also give a prize to the biggest HAM…uh, well…the best actor or actress from the audience called our ‘Hammy’. Every performance is unique since the audience is so directly and deeply involved. The magic lies in the interaction and unbridled creativity which occur in a room full of people who began the evening as strangers, but go home as friends.

Public shows take place on Saturday evenings at the Library Restaurant & Pub!

Forget the Date, Bring an Alibi!

DA BOSS: Joe Strange

Joe Strange

Joe is an Indiana native and a retired circus clown. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Garden Brothers of Canada, and Circus Fusco are some of the circuses that have been graced by the strangeness of “Silly Joe.” He is a graduate of Purdue University and the Ringling Brothers Clown College. He says, “I think my grad school studies were a little different from normal. I don’t think Yale has a pie-throwing class.” Joe works full time for the Mystery Cafe of Indianapolis and the Indy audiences who love to laugh at a good murder! Silly Joe the clown is available for kids birthday parties.

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