Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Party

Interactive Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Party that is a blast!!!!

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Come out and play with us.
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And the Winner is… Murder
Just stand up and read your lines.
Arriving Audience (you) is written into the Murder Mystery story. Play a character in the story. You might be the murder.
Professional actors of the Mystery Cafe
Murder Mystery Comedy featuring professional entertainers as the major characters. They help you be funny with your part.
Library Restaurant & Pub on the West Side of Indy.
Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Parties take place at the Library Restaurant & Pub. In the main dining room they are having a normal dinner. While you in the banquet room are having a blast!


Great Entertainment.
We told you the show is a blast. Here are some of our guests telling you it is a blast.
You Tube channel
Audience volunteers play parts in the show. Go check our our YouTube channel and see how playing a part works. Get into the part or just stand up and read it. What ever you are comfortable with.

Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Party

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