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Interactive Murder MysteryOur Current Show

Saturday 7:30 pm October 13th & 27th

November 3rd & 17th

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Public shows, December 8th and 22nd.
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Volunteer to play a part in the show!

Read from a cue card.

Pictures of audience playing their part.

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Volunteers playing their part.


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Just stand up and read your lines.

Interact with the performers.


Professional actors of the Mystery Cafe

At the Library Restaurant & Pub.

2610 Lynhurst Drive

Free Parking

The Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theater has volunteers out of the audience play minor characters with actual speaking parts. Just stand up at your table and read your lines from the cue cards provided by the Mystery Cafe. The murder is a comedy designed with fun in mind. Professional actors play major characters in the story and help you to be funny. It is Dinner Theater as a course of the dinner is served in between each act by the Library Restaurant. The Murder Mystery takes place in one of the Restaurants banquet rooms. You have a choice of 4 different entrees with an opportunity to get the Prime ticket which includes the Ribeye. The Library Restaurant, “we know our cow,” is a fine casual dining experience.


Great Entertainment.

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Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theater

Forget the date, bring an alibi.

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