Staff of the Mystery Cafe

Party Planner

Joe Strange, former Circus Clown



Eric Michael Gillett

“Joe Strange is hilarious…flat-out hilarious! He brings all of himself to everything he does and “Joe’s Comedy Mystery Shows” have to be a must-see.”

– Eric Michael Gillett, former Ringmaster/RBBBC-Red Unit/1987-1997. EMGCollective, a Studio for Voice/Acting/Corporate Speech in NYC.

– Jay Stewart

I’ll go see anything Joe Strange is involved with– the man is funny, big hearted, and it is always a joy to watch him perform! Run–Don’t walk!–to the Comedy Mystery Dinner Theatre!

Jay Stewert

RBB&B Circus Red Unit Clown Alley 90/91 & 2000-03 (Boss Clown), Kinoshita Circus Clown– Tokyo/ Osaka, Japan 1999, Founder/Boss Clown– Seaside Clowns, 2003-06
Current Supervising Performer: Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit, Boston Children’s Hospital

– Steve Marshall

If you’re going out for an evening of murder, mystery, and fun, who would be better to be your tour guide than a man named Joe Strange?! Joe is a creative dynamo who wants nothing more than for his audiences to have a wonderful time and be truly entertained. No real crimes happen at Joe’s Mystery Cafe but be forewarned, you just might laugh yourself to death!”

(Cue sinister laughter!)
(His real name!)
– Steve Marshall
Ambassador of Magic from the USA, Tokyo, Japan, Ringling Bros. Circus clown 1984- 1988. See him on Penn & Teller’s TV show “FOOL US.”

– John Sheese

Joe is one of those rare people who can make you laugh without him saying a word.
– John Sheese, the first clown Joe worked with