Nate Pruett and Gemma Rollison in Night With The Crown, The Princess and The Killer.
The audience member playing her character.
Death of an audience member
Nate's character checks in with an audience member's character.
It is easy and fun to play a part in the show.
Gemma as Wonder Woman questions a suspected audience character.
Wonder Woman questions another suspect.
Yes that is Nate over there. He plays 3 characters in the show.
Catwoman arrives to tell Wonder Woman she can't solve the mystery.
Sonic the Hedgehog offers Wonder Woman his help.
Come see why Sonic becomes upset with Wonder Woman.
Our Super Sleuth and the young man won best actor for his performance as Sonic. Can you win the Best Actor award at the Mystery Cafe. Your Hammy trophy awaits.
  • Dylan

    Dylan gives a great performance as our murder victim.

  • Jack

    Jack, who is 8 years old played a part in our interactive family friendly murder mystery.

  • Allergan/Turkle & Assoociates

    Winners for Allergan/Turkle & Assoociates private show.

  • Baby Face Half Nelson

    Baby Face Half Nelson confesses.

  • Bethany and Terry

    Bethany Brown wins the Super Sleuth and Terry Maurer wins the Hammy.

  • Sleuth and Hammy

    The Super Sleuth and Hammy winner at Hawaii 5 Uh Oh.

  • Little boy

    Little boy laughed at all the jokes so we presented him with his own Hawaiian shirt. He may have to…

  • Tann-O and Tilda Swindler

    Tann-O and Movie Star Tilda Swindler.

  • Library Restaurant

    Performing at the Library Restaurant.

  • All you have to do

    All you have to do is stand up at your dinner table and read your lines. But we have no…

  • Don

    Don says I can act too.

  • Junie Boo Hoo

    Junie Boo Hoo from Whoville thinks the Grinch is the killer.

  • April and Lillian

    April Reetz wins the Super Sleuth and Lillian Caruthers wins our Hammy.

  • Marion College

    The winners at the Private show for Marion College.

  • Liz, Rick, and Jack

    Liz wins the Super Sleuth and Rick wins his third Hammy. Jack who played a part is only 8 years…