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Just a fun-filled evening. We brought with us a very special young man who has been through a lot of difficult things in his home life. He was so excited to be there and I think it sparked an interest in him to get involved in drama at his high school. Thanks!
- LuAnna B.

Here are photos from our shows!

Our Hammy winner
This guy blew everybody away with his performance. Making it easy to award him the hammy award.
Come in costume for fun.
Kids are in the show. So kids are welcomed to see the show.
Won the Hammy for his performance
Easy to play

Amaze your family

Ha I'm Role Playing
Playing her part.
Family Friendly
This little guy wants to be an actor.
Big Private Party
Some guest really know how to ham up their death scene
Yes he knew he would be a victim in the story.
Death by Sharks
Our victim feel into a pool of sharks. The comedy here is it was a small kids wading pool full of one big stuffed shark and smaller plush fish.
Audience hamming up their death scene for everyone.
Before picture
Have Fun
I didn't do it, swear.
Kids play
Cue card
Have a good time
Date night
Family night

Sometimes there are props


Went here on Saturday night with a friend.  It was a thoroughly entertaining way to spend an evening. The show keeps you entertained the whole night, no matter what the size of your party.  It's silly, so not for those who take themselves too seriously.  LOTS of audience participation, so if you're not willing to "ham it up", watch out.  But, if you're willing to get into it and be silly, it's a ton of fun to get involved.
- Lauren M., Chicago IL

Here are photos from our previous shows!