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Funny actor Thomas Turner
Thomas plays the characters Detective Tann-O and Kona Kalua in Hawaii 5 Uh Oh.

• Tell me how you first got involved in with Mystery Cafe
My friend, Juli, told me about Mystery Cafe. She told me how much fun doing the shows were. Many of my friends and acquaintances had worked in the shows. Everyone stated that it was a really good time and fun to do. So, I jumped at the offer to work with the Mystery Cafe crew.

• What was the first Mystery Café show you saw?
“Pizza Driver” starring Juli Inskeep and Justin Ivan Brown. It was my introduction to Mystery Cafe.

• What was the first Mystery Café show you performed in?
“Bronze Medal Murder” A story about murder at the 1992 Olympics. Hemlock Stones and Dr. Snotson were the leads.

• What was your first impression of the Mystery Café type of interactive show?
I do love improvisational comedy. The format of the Mystery Cafe shows presented an opportunity to flex those skills that were acquired over many years in community theatre. The parts were easy to explain and follow. It gave the actors the chance to “size up” the audience in determining how the environment of the show would be that evening.

• What do you do when you are not doing shows.?
I work for the Federal Government. I can’t tell you anymore. No more questions on that subject. 😉

• How would someone describe you?
36, 265 lbs, 5’11”, blonde hair, blue eyes, balding…Charlie Brown-esque.
Also, outgoing, fun-loving, direct, kind hearted, and emotionally unstable.

• What might (someone) be surprised to know about you?
I am a Whovian and a huge fan of Star Trek. I also hate big conventions.

• What is one of your fondest memories of being a performer?
The emotional response that audience members take away from a strong performance. In my debut show in Indy, “Southern Baptist Sissies”, many audience members would speak with me after and tell me how my character was a true reflection of how they saw their life and their personal struggle. It made me feel connected to the part and audience like I had never been

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Funny actor
Actor and funny man Tony Schaab

In Hawaii 5 Uh Oh Tony plays the characters of Detective McCarrot and The Big Balloona.